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Hi there, I’m Taylor and I am a NASM qualified fitness instructor for kindcody.

I first got into fitness about 4 years ago and since then what started out as a hobby turned into my passion. I have, myself been on quite the journey when it comes to my health and fitness and i went from a place of hating what I saw in the mirror to changing some of my old habits and creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle which in hand led me to become less anxious and more confident in myself. Fitness really is about more than just doing a workout, but having said that in my opinion there is nothing like the release of endorphins that a workout gives you.

Besides from fitness what else do I enjoy doing? Well I enjoy taking my very energetic dog Naboo on long walks and I bake … a lot! I make a lot of to do lists and I also enjoy just sitting watching films and spending time with family and friends.

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