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“It’s not about getting the feeling out of the mind, or hiding it, but about experiencing it with acceptance” – Carl Rogers
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What is the Person-Centred Approach?

This is a non-directive approach that views the client as the expert, so the counselor acts as a compassionate facilitator who will be alongside the client understanding their unique perspective. The counselor is there to support the client and guide the therapeutic process without interrupting or interfering with the client’s process of self-discovery. At its root, PCA is about understanding and seeing each experience as unique.

The person-centred approach can also help the client to:

  • Achieve better self-understanding and awareness
  • Release feelings of defensiveness, insecurity and guilt
  • Have greater ability to trust oneself
  • Develop healthier relationships
  • See improvement in self-expression
  • Achieve a healthy sense of change overall

What I offer:

I believe that counseling is a tremendously powerful tool that can be utilized to not only help enhance one’s wellbeing but also change one’s perception towards life. This in turn, gives power back to the individual in order to start healing and make new meaning towards their life. Most importantly, it teaches us that we do not need to live in a negative state of mind and instead should focus on self-healing.

I will use the Person-Centred approach in our sessions to offer a safe, warm, and confidential space for you to be able to speak freely and explore your experiences without judgment. Through the counseling relationship I hope you can discover your inner strength to be able to manage life’s challenges and difficulties.  I hope through our work together you can get to point where you feel able to reach fullest potential.

Areas of experience:


Sexual Abuse

Domestic Abuse



Cultural issues

Self Esteem




Please feel free to ask me any questions, I look forward to speaking with you 🙂 


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